• BrainWaves Halifax
  • Dalhousie University
  • Sponsorship would help my campus initiative by:

    As a grassroots movement, BrainWaves needs some momentum. We are slowly creating more awareness about the initiative on campus, but what we really want is to promote BrainWaves through events. Through sponsorship, we would be able to hold such events more easily, and would be able to focus our efforts on the event itself rather than on fundraising.

  • With $2,500 in sponsorship my organization would:

    A $2500 sponsorship would allow us to facilitate our first event of the school year, a film screening. It would also likely allow us to fund a kayak/surf trip in order to promote the aims of BrainWaves and introduce the idea of neuroconservation.

  • Working with Smoke's Poutinerie would:

    Because Smoke's is a household name around Dalhousie Campus, I know that sponsorship from Smoke's would create buzz around BrainWaves that would hopefully carry throughout campus. We greatly appreciate the recognition of our initiative by Smoke's and CampusPerks!

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    $2,500, $1,500 AND $1,000 IN SPONSORSHIP.

    The support period for this challenge has ended. More details about this challenge can be found here.